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Press Release July 25, 2011

“Hempfield Township will soon add some tools in our neighborhoods and business districts to assist the fire fighters…”

HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP- “As many of you are aware, the Hempfield Volunteer Fire Departments offer and essential service to our community and its residents. I cannot thank these volunteers enough for their sacrifice to our community at all hours and seasons of the year. I am happy to announce that Hempfield Township will soon add some tools in our neighborhoods and business districts to assist the fire fighters in doing their jobs. Beginning this fall, the Township will start installing 3 to 4ft reflective marker flags on the over 900 fire hydrants in our community. These markers will assist fire fighters in locating hydrants in all weather conditions, especially winter when blinding snow and the accompanying drifts may completely obscure them from view. The Township has budgeted $8,000 to begin this project but no price can be placed on the time these markers can save on protecting lives and property. Another tool that will soon be available to our fire fighters and businesses will be Rapid-entry Boxes. These boxes will give emergency responders access to business structures that cannot be gained immediately. The emergency responders will be able to use a key to access the secured boxes that businesses will locate outside their establishment for quick entry when a representative is not available to allow access during an undetermined alarm. Many alarms that a department may respond to during the year are not true emergencies but must be investigated when triggered. The boxes will allow entry without having to break down doors for entrance in these situations and having to unnecessarily burden the volunteers with that decision. The Township will invest $7,200 in providing each of the 12 fire departments with the corresponding secure keys to enter these boxes. This Rapid-entry program will be voluntary but highly recommended to businesses in the Township. These additional tools are a continuing reflection of the continuing support that I and my fellow Supervisors have towards assisting our volunteer fire fighters carry out their essential community service, stated Supervisor Weimer.”

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